TKAA Angler of the Year

TKAA Angler of the Year

TKAA is bringing back the TKAA Angler of the Year for 2020!

Here is how it’s going to work:

Starting March 1st you will receive 10 points for just entering any TKAA iAngler online tournament or the 4th Annual Bass Tournament and 16th Annual Charity Tournament. Or any other tournament that may “pop up” during 2020.

Then top 5 anglers in each tourney will receive:
1st place will receive 50 points
2nd place will receive 40 points
3rd place will receive 30 points
4th place will receive 20 points
5th place will receive 10 points

TKAA will also use the same scale to award points for Chickhominy Bass Tournament & 16th Annual Charity Tournament!

Reminder that all iAngler Tournaments are open to any public launch waters in the whole State of Virginia!

Being a great angler is not limited to just catching fish. TKAA also promotes conservation, community, & water safety. So you will also receive 10 points for participating in any TKAA event throughout the year! Such as Waterway cleanups and Kayak Fishing 101.

TKAA will announce the 2020 Angler of the Year December 20th.

Angler of the Year will receive a great trophy made by
Angry Anvil Forge by David Sanders
and we are working on a nice prize to go with it TBA!

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