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August's TKAA Large Mouth Bass Tournament Results  

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Congratulations to Tyler Bumgarner on bringing home 1st place in August's TKAA Large Mouth Bass Tournament! Tyler scored 63.75" of Bass with his biggest at 22.25" pictured. Winning $225!
Coming in Second Place was Paulo Duque with a close 62.75" and winning $112.50.
3rd - Bill Hutt 61"
4th - Ron Ameika 59"
5th - Dory Fields 56.25"
6th - Lawrence Martinez 56"
7th - Brian Cochran 55.25"
8th - Kenny Stancil 51.5"
9th - Dusty George 45.5"
10th - Sabrina Leahy 43"
11th - Seth Anderson 40"
12th- Frank James 23.75"
13th - JB Ambulo 17.25"
14-18 n/a
Get your registration in for September's Spot/Croaker Slam tourney! September 1st-14th, $30, Best 3 fish! (must have one of each species)
We will payout to 3rd place if we have 20+ registered.