Target Species: Catfish Location: Anglers may fish anywhere in the State of Virginia provided it is open to the public and is public access (launches). No private ponds, lakes, military bases, etc. Any questions, ask the Tournament Directors. CPR format (catch, photo, release) Top 3 Catfish Tournament will be February 7th-24th (We know FB says Feb 21st as it only allows 2 week events) Registration Fee: $30 ($5 goes to iAngler Tournament Systems) Prizes for 1st and 2nd place 75% payout from all registration fees collected. Percentage as follows: 1st-50%, 2nd-30% WE ARE ALLOWING LIVE BAIT FOR THIS TOURNAMENT! Judging will take place by the TKAA Board of Directors. Official Rules and Regulations are posted on the iAngler App event page.